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Seaside Design 

Bridget Cahill


Designing bathroom spaces is my professional specialty and personally, bathrooms are my favorite projects to work on. Successful bathroom design and renovation requires experience, knowledge and a lot of creativity. I have designed over 100 bathrooms on Cape Cod, each one meeting the needs and reflecting the personal style of its owner. Your bathroom should be the inspiring space you need to start your morning and the soothing place you deserve to calmly end your day.



Working with Bridget was a real joy! She has a great eye and was very helpful throughout the entire process. Selecting the best tiles for the room was a quick process thanks to Bridget. Again her great eye! She was spot on in suggesting a decorative Italian glass tile to accent the shower wall and where it should be located.
— Yana
Bridget was a joy to work with. Her attitude is always pleasant and positive, she is very flexible and available to help her clients choose the right materials. I appreciated that she made time to also be on site to talk to contractors and answer questions that arose.
— Kathy